Music today has been East Glaswegians The Marmalade’s debut album There’s a Lot of It About (1968). In contrast to the Beatles’ album of the same year, half the album is covers of American hip songs, the other half English sixties pop. The original songs are great, the covers record company pressure, they would have been better off being allowed to release the less pop songs they must have had, but now they are consigned to history as a forgotten sixties harmony group. Still, they were there to have hits, probably in their minds as much as management and the label and others wrote some of their original songs. Having said that, they had a big hit in the seventies with the self-penned Reflections of My Life, which Jed played in the car on the way to pick up dinner – that’s the connection.

Check out Lovin’ Things (UK No. 6) and another self-penned song, I See the Rain (a hit in The Netherlands and Jimi Hendrix’s fave tune of 1967).

Music Of The Daze

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