Music today has been an old favourite, despite how old and weird it is, it never gets old and stays wonderfully weird. Melodic, edgy, arty, upside down, inside out, beautiful, quintessentially English, lyrically intriguing, humorous, atmospheric, and starring an array of odd and disparate characters finding themselves together on Eno’s tape – it was tape because it’s 1974, and it’s the brilliant Here Come The Warm Jets. This from Wikipedia:

Eno enlisted sixteen guest musicians to play on the album, who were invited on the basis that Eno thought they were musically incompatible with each other. He said he “got them together merely because I wanted to see what happens when you combine different identities like that and allow them to compete … [The situation] is organized with the knowledge that there might be accidents, accidents which will be more interesting than what I had intended.

Music Of The Daze

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