Music today is the never-ending excitement of Amon Düül II and Yeti (1970). It’s the German 1970s freak scene. Go there, prepare yourself, remember it’s a double album and listen to all four sides from beginning to end, and imagine yourself living in a creative commune with a crowd of like-minded musicians and thinkers. of like-minded musicians. And what about the artwork? How could you not have a vinyl copy of this? This from Wikipedia about the famous cover art (famous to me at least):

The cover was designed by the band’s organist, Falk Rogner, and features a collage depicting the Grim Reaper (German: Der Sensenmann), made from a photograph of Wolfgang Krischke. Krischke, who had worked with the band as a sound man, had died of hypothermia while under the effects of LSD. Rogner said: “When he died I thought that the photo would be a perfect tribute to his memory. He never managed to find his way into Amon Düül properly when he was alive, so maybe his image as ‘Der Sensenmann’ will work as a strange cover image, and he could be remembered as a magical person.

On writing this I just found out that founding member Chris Karrer, guitarist, violinist, and vocalist, has died on Tuesday, January 2nd 2024, aged 76. RIP Chris and thank you, what a fantastic experience your records have been and what a massive influence they have had on my life.

Music Of The Daze

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