Music today has been a Free Anthology, a double CD from 1993 as I continued filing the shelves with records (The bass on Little Bit Of Love blows my mind). I’m missing two boxes at the moment – ‘Ca’ and ‘Jo’ and whilst looking, found another box unmarked that had a whole lot of ‘A and Ba’s’. I’m trying to figure out if I should search all the boxes for the missing ones or have they just been missed and left in the new storage? If we had a car, it would be easy to find out, whereas moving things around is a major task because the boxes are so heavy. So because I didn’t have it in me to clean any more of the damaged or mouldy records today, I started to go through the records that I have acquired in the last three years and incorporate them into the main collection, making space for jazz/blues/soul/compilations and records from different countries. That was satisfying, but because some letters are not in the shelves because of their condition, I can’t add records until the others are cleaned – and it is sooooooo time-consuming (and depressing).

Music Of The Daze

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