Music today has been SqueezeEast Side Story (1981), an album that came randomly out of a random mixed vinyl box. I never saw Squeeze live, but I did see Glenn Tilbrook acoustic once in Amsterdam. I did once have a star-studded cross indie/mainstream pollination hang with him, Aimee Mann and Jon Brion in London 100 years ago. Ultimately, I’ve always been something of a fan of the songwriting, the voice and the guitar playing, new wave at its best. It was produced by Elvis Costello and Roger Béchirian. Who remembers the mysterious Blanket of Secrecy? I was in The KinksKonk Studio years ago with Jon Brion, using Bernard Butler’s guitar (heavy strings) to play on an Aimee Mann album, but they didn’t use what I did. Chris Difford was there too, but I don’t remember exchanging a word with him. Quite a different character to Glenn Tilbrook. The album features the Paul Carrack sung classic Tempted.

Music Of The Daze

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