Music today has been The Monkees third album Headquarters (1967). It’s the album where they rebelled and won the right to take a more active role in the recording of their albums. It also features Randy Scouse Git (aka Alternate Title) written by Micky Dolenz and the first single I ever bought. This amusing piece from Wikipedia:

“Randy Scouse Git” is a song written by Micky Dolenz in 1967 and recorded by the Monkees. It was the first song written by Dolenz to be commercially released, and it became a number 2 hit in the UK where it was retitled “Alternate Title” after the record company (RCA) complained that the original title was actually somewhat “rude to a British audience” and requested that The Monkees supply an alternate title. Dolenz took the song’s title from a phrase he had heard spoken on an episode of the British television series Till Death Us Do Part, which he had watched while in England. The song also appeared on The Monkees TV series, on their album Headquarters, and on several “Greatest Hits” albums. Peter Tork said that it was one of his favourite Monkees tracks.

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