Olivia came home after getting the projector she was borrowing and I asked her to pick something to play, she picked StraussAlso Sprach Zarathustra…the record was a little scratchy but still amazing for 1896. She then picked Blackfield II (2007) and we all three sat and listened to that too, we were intoxicated by the sound of the system. Sarah was trying to leave but finding it hard to do so with all this amazing music through this amazing system. She managed to move as I put on CamelThe Snow Goose (1975). I saw the tour at the Liverpool Stadium. Next, I played Mirage (1974) and then I went on an Aldous Harding binge and played all four of her albums in a row, wonderful.

Music today has been Aldous Harding (2014), Party (2017), Designer (2019), and Warm Chris (2022).

Music Of The Daze

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