Music today was Patti Smith’s Horses (1975). It seemed odd that this young girl, known as a punk poet, should open her debut album with Gloria, a song written by Van Morrison and recorded by Them in 1964. But in reality, Patti Smith was a sixties girl, she is 77 years old, 78 this year – born in 1946. She was 18 in 1964 and 29 in 1975. She lived through the heady days of the late sixties as an adult, she was 21 in 1967. She predated punk by ten years and that was just as an adult. No wonder she picked the energy of Gloria, Hendrix, The Doors and the Velvets, that was her scene and her other mentor was of course, Bob Dylan – and then before that, Coltrane.

Music Of The Daze

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