Music today has been My Morning Jacket’s Z (2005). It’s produced by John Leckie and sounds really good but I can’t quite get into the songs. I don’t quite know how to like it. For example, give me Grand Funk Railroad and Robert Wyatt, Black Sabbath and the Cocteau Twins, Leonard Cohen and Def Leppard, it all makes sense. These might seem like extremes and perhaps this band sits a little too comfortably in the middle for me. They seem to be hugely popular, I do like them, but I’m surprised that they generate such interest – kind of like Kings of Leon and Band of Horses do, I like them too, but lots of people must love them. I suppose it’s often the singer’s voice that really gets people going, the words, the tone, the expression and apparently they are really great live, but Madison Square Garden? Multiple nights at The Beacon Theatre? I wish them all the luck in the world, they’ve obviously hit on something magic and perhaps with some more listens and some more albums I’ll find it too. Maybe I just need to know the songs better. Did I see that the singer Jim James played Madison Square Garden as a solo artist? Yikes!

Music Of The Daze

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