Music today has been the Led Zeppelin live DVD (2003) from The Royal Albert Hall, January 9th 1970, my mum’s birthday, but for some reason she didn’t go. I went to the premiere in New York for this DVD release at the Loew’s Theatre and sat there in the presence of the three living members watching this concert. My invite came from my friend and sadly passed Texas mate Bucks Burnett. He introduced me to Jimmy, who shook my hand, called me by my full name (haha) and was really nice. I spoke to JPJ (John Baldwin) who was as short as he was the first time I met him. My perennial Led Zep story is I had tickets for Led Zep at Earls Court in the early seventies but my dad wouldn’t let me go because England were playing Scotland on the same night and he thought it would be too risky – a young lad down from the ‘Pool, lost in London and harangued by krazed kilted killer warriors in Irn-Bru caps.

Music Of The Daze

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