Noctorum - Honey Mink Forever (2011) - CD

Honey Mink Forever (2011)

The last Noctorum album featured another eclectic selection. The mega productions on songs like Cry and False Flag gave the album a luxurious sound. Better Hope Your Not alone featured a spontaneous jam at the end of the song that we liked so much that we decided to keep. The breezy Running Through Your Fingers […]

Noctorum - Sparks Lane (2003) - CD

Sparks Lane (2003)

The Noctorum project began as a way to bring Dare Mason into the writing process. We had made lots of records together but generally it was me that wrote the songs. This record was written and recorded at Dare’s VIP lounge studio in Penzance, Cornwall in just one week but you’d never know it as it was a lush […]

Noctorum - Offer The Light (2006) - CD

Offer The Light (2006)

The second Noctorum album was an altogether longer affair. By this time my trips to Cornwall were extended as I had decided to bring The In Deep Music Archive into the recently vacated room next to Dare’s studio. This meant we had more time to work on the project and so we took it. We […]