Marty Willson-Piper's Select Discography


MOAT (2013)

The Moat album is collaboration between myself and Niko Röhlcke from the Swedish band Weeping Willows. Niko was born in Germany and moved to Sweden when he was 12 years old and grew up in Stockholm. The project was conceived by our mutual friend musician/engineer/producer Sigge Krantz who had the idea that we would work […]

Noctorum - Honey Mink Forever (2011) - CD

Honey Mink Forever (2011)

The last Noctorum album featured another eclectic selection. The mega productions on songs like Cry and False Flag gave the album a luxurious sound. Better Hope Your Not alone featured a spontaneous jam at the end of the song that we liked so much that we decided to keep. The breezy Running Through Your Fingers […]

Nightjar Cover Art

Nightjar (2008)

Nightjar came about because between the release of Hanging Out In Heaven and the two Noctorum albums I had written another batch of songs. The songs were starting to get old before they were recorded as I had been playing them live and they had become staples of the set. Lullaby For The Lonely, I […]

Noctorum - Offer The Light (2006) - CD

Offer The Light (2006)

The second Noctorum album was an altogether longer affair. By this time my trips to Cornwall were extended as I had decided to bring The In Deep Music Archive into the recently vacated room next to Dare’s studio. This meant we had more time to work on the project and so we took it. We […]

Noctorum - Sparks Lane (2003) - CD

Sparks Lane (2003)

The Noctorum project began as a way to bring Dare Mason into the writing process. We had made lots of records together but generally it was me that wrote the songs. This record was written and recorded at Dare’s VIP lounge studio in Penzance, Cornwall in just one week but you’d never know it as it was a lush […]

Live From The Other Side (2004) - CD

Live From The Other Side (2003)

Over the years I had played quite a lot of solo shows in different parts of the world. There was a venue in Newtown, an inner city suburb of Sydney called The Sandringham Hotel where I had established a residency and I played there each time I travelled to Australia.  I would play four shows over […]

Hangin Out In Heaven

Hanging Out In Heaven (2000)

Although it seemed like a long time between Spirit Level and Hanging Out In Heaven, I had been very busy with All About Eve  and three different productions in Sweden with Håkan Ahlström, Moderna Män and Justin Clayton. Most of the Hanging Out In Heaven album was recorded in LA with Shep Lonsdale in his […]

Spirit Level Cover Art

Spirit Level (1992)

Spirit Level was recorded at Dream Machine Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, in the early nineties with trusty friend, Noctorum collaborator and producer Dare Mason. On the previous album Rhyme we took the tape recorder into a room, unpacked it and set it up as a temporary creative space. This time we went into a proper […]

Rhyme (1989) - CD

Rhyme (1988)

Rhyme was recorded in a small cellar in Rörstrandsgatan in Vasastan, the northern part of inner city Stockholm. Again recorded on a Fostex 16 Track By Dare Mason it was an ambitious production in a damp cellar. When it was finished it looked and sounded like it had been done somewhere posh but believe me […]

Art Attack (1988) - CD

Art Attack (1987)

Art Attack was recorded in the management office in New York City, (W57st & Broadway) in 1987. We could only work  fr0m 10 till 5.30 because that was the office hours and the building closed down when the offices closed down. It was recorded on a Fostex 16 track by Dare Mason and had an […]