Art Attack (1987)

Art Attack- Cover Art

Art Attack was recorded in the management office in New York City, (W57st & Broadway) in 1987. We could only work  fr0m 10 till 5.30 because that was the office hours and the building closed down when the offices closed down. It was recorded on a Fostex 16 track by Dare Mason and had an interesting mix of acoustic songs with cascading acoustic 12 string arpeggios like Water and You Whisper but also contains more experimental songs like Word, Fear and White Spots on My Jupiter Finger Jupiter blue on My White shirt….this does actually mean something if you would like to know? Listen/Space really should have been recorded with an orchestra but we couldn’t get them into the stationery cupboard with us.The cover art was supposed to be the absolute antithesis of In Reflection and sparser because we had more room where as In Reflection was busier because we had less room. It makes sense to me .

This was also the place that my treasured Rickenbacker 12 string was stolen from as well as my black Shergold 12 string and another rare custom Rickenbacker.