In Reflection (1986)

In ReflectionThe first solo album from 1986 recorded in Bondi Beach came with a booklet explaining how all the songs were recorded. I used a Teac 3440 4 track and I furiously bounced tracks in order to get more space to record more instruments. All the stories are in the booklet, so try and track it down on vinyl or CD. Only having a simple drum machine that you weren’t able to program and with loftier ambitions for the tracks, I came upon the idea of creating my own snare drum. The local newspaper had a snappy sound when you hit it with a drum stick and allowed me to put in snare beats where I wanted them. The problem was that the more you hit the newspaper the more it began to shred and strips of ripped paper littered the floor. Luckily newspaper is not a rare resource, although finding one with exactly the right thickness and same sound as the previous shredded one wasn’t so easy.