Honey Mink Forever (2011)

Noctorum Honey Mink Forever Cover Art

The last Noctorum album featured another eclectic selection. The mega productions on songs like Cry and False Flag gave the album a luxurious sound. Better Hope Your Not alone featured a spontaneous jam at the end of the song that we liked so much that we decided to keep. The breezy Running Through Your Fingers attempts to address the environment and Mao Tse Tung Kiss the rise of China. Dare wrote the lyrics for False Flag and Victorian Vignette, a duet with local Cornish singer Julie Elwin. The album has some really beautiful guitar tones throughout, especially on False Flag and Cry. Songs like Bad Dreams reveals cults as ┬ácompassionless ┬áto those who wish to leave. The album concludes with a giant jump into Jazz as two worlds meet with local Jazz players doing their thing as I attempt to add a left wing rock guitar element making this an interesting hybrid. The cover art is a photograph from the artefacts window taken by Simon Green at the In Deep Music Archive. The title? – well you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.