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Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor - 1968 Cover Art

8/2/16 – Harvey Mandel – Cristo Redentor – 1968

My favourite guitarists are not gymnasts or show offs, they are not experts in technique, scales, modes or theory. Having said that Blues players usually have deep musical knowledge. Blues is a tradition and traditions have guide lines, rules or else the tradition is broken. But what makes this kind of player special is the […]

The The - Perfect - 1983 - Cover Art

1/2/16 – Andy Dog Johnson – 6 January 1959 – 18 January 2016 / The The – Perfect – 1983

Any independent record buyer from the early eighties would be aware of the Some Bizarre record label and the band The The. Andy Dog Johnson was the brother of Matt Johnson, The The’s only constant member. Andy Dog as he was known designed sleeves for the label and created the spikey artwork for several of […]

Martin Sharp

Martin Sharp – 1942 – 1st December 2013

Martin Sharp, Australian designer and artist has died. Perhaps most famous for the cover art to Cream’s 1967 psychedelic blues masterpiece Disraeli Gears. He also co wrote one of the great songs Tales Of Brave Ulysses with Eric Clapton. Although the song is credited to Pete Brown, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton on the single, Sharp […]