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Vanessa Paradis Love Songs 2013

30/11/15 – Vanessa Paradis – L’au-delà / Love Songs – 2013

L’au-delà (The Hereafter) is the opening track on Vanessa Paradis’ album, Love Songs released in 2013. Beautifully recorded with strings and lush production by singer/songwriter/actor producer Benjamin Biolay, at other times the album features electric guitars, warm acoustics, muted horns, percussion, piano and soft organ – and some French Pop. The album is Paradis’ first […]


28/11/15 – Carol Ann Cisneros – Malagueña Salerosa – Big Sur Folk Festival – 1969 / Celebration At Big Sur – 1971

In this video the audience claps at the beauty of Cisneros voice,  the mesmerizing warble of her vibrato and the length of time she holds a note. Cisneros hails from Texas and that’s about all I know. She is completely forgotten, has no profile on the internet and it seems that she hasn’t even released any records. […]

Woodstock, 1969

21/10/15 – Woodstock – The Lost Performances – 1969

Returning from Mexico City with a quick trip to Woodstock to hang with Jules and Pal before returning to Stockholm. There we contemplated Bob Dylan’s Woodstock house (now occupied by Donald Fagen), the big pink, the Byrdcliff theatre, Bearsville and Todd Rundgren. Although actually making the pilgrimage to the Woodstock site proved difficult as Bethel, where […]

El Ritual cover art 2 - 1971

14/10/15 – El Ritual – El Ritual – 1971/ American Woman – 1972

El Ritual fall somewhere between Blue Oyster Cult, Golden Earring, Black Sabbath, Love, Santana, The Moody Blues and a sixties party invaded by rogue Folk forest dwellers. They were not scared of flutes, Satan, riffing, drum solos or long hair and makeup. I can’t find much about them in English but they may have come from Tijuana […]