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Nico - Desertshore - Album Cover

La Cicatrice Interieure – (The Inner Scar) – Philippe Garrel – 1970

Philippe Garrel is a French underground film maker who made a series of films with Nico between 1969 and 1979 . She performed The Falconer for his film Le Lit de la Vierge (The Virgin’s Bed) in 1969 and in 1970 La Cicatrice Interieure (The Inner Scar) featured more songs, some of which appeared on Nico’s third album Desert Shore. […]


The Servant – 1963

It is rare to find a film which is both elegant and tough; corrosive yet compassionate; visually exciting and yet meaningful; brilliant and profound. Rarer still is the film which deals with moral problems on any but a superficial level. And that is why The Servant is a masterpiece. Alexander Walker, Evening Standard The Servant was […]

CBGB Tourist Attraction

CBGB The Movie – 2013

      CBGB the movie is released this week and sees Alan Rickman playing owner Hilly Crystal. The commercialisation of the brand is complete. CBGB’s as a tourist attraction, CBGB”s as a T-shirt, CBGB’s as a movie with proper actors. It seems along way from the glory days of The Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, […]