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Patti Smith and her Band play Horses at The Fillmore, San Francsisco on December 29, 2015. Photo by Michael McGrath,

17/8/16 – Patti Smith – Lichtburg Theatre – Essen, Germany – 10th August – 2016 / Interview On Democracy Now About Writing – 2015

Opening the wings of a dove, crying through the roses, slipping up into the high art of Patti Smith – the audience melt at her presence. She is an altar, pay tribute to the visions and the beauty, the strength and the inspiration. She spits, penetrates the heart, weaves dreams, cuts your throat, drags you […]

Anna calvi guitar shop

19/8/15 – Anna Calvi And David Byrne – Strange Weather EP – 2014 /Anna Calvi interview – The Independent On Sunday – 2015 / Meltdown Festival Southbank Centre 17th-30th August 2015

My internet is down so I am at the movie theatre with a free ticket for the Amy movie and not a lot of time to write anything tonight (no quick fix Amy, maybe another time), but here’s some news about the amazing Anna Calvi. This is an interview from Sunday’s Independent catching up with […]

Jeff Buckley Angel Wings B:W

16/4/15 – Jeff Buckley – Man In The Moon Session – KCRW Los Angeles – 4th January – 1994

Before Jeff Buckley had really been discovered by the world, he went into KCRW Los Angeles late one night and did this session with presenter/DJ, Liza Richardson. He played some songs and talked, a bundle of creative energy and a nifty guitar player, this revealing interview gives an insight into his persona, his evolution and […]

The Beatles - 1967

7/9/14 – Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields – 1967

Recorded around the same time as Sgt. Pepper’s but not included on the album, this double A-side is arguably one of the greatest singles ever made. But somehow the groundbreaking Psychedelic Strawberry Fields and the perfect musical and lyrical Pop that was Penny Lane missed out on the No.1 spot in the UK due to […]

Joni Mitchell 2013

Joni Mitchell Interview – 2013

Joni Mitchell, singer, writer, painter, was interviewed by¬†Jian Ghomeshi for CBC earlier this year. The interview was 1hr.45min and I found myself watching the whole thing uninterrupted late at night. There will never be enough time to ask her every question you want to because her body of work is so vast, consequently it seems […]