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Epitaph - Debut Album - Cover Art - 1971

25/7/17 – Epitaph – 1st Album – 1971 / Early Morning – 1972

The other day in Frankfurt at Mythos Records, Thomas made me buy the first Epitaph album. I found myself agreeing without thinking too hard about it. It wasn’t that cheap, wasn’t in the greatest condition and I didn’t know the album. Of course later I discovered that even a bit scratchy this was a bargain […]

Guru Guru - Hinten - Cover Art - 1971

24/7/17 – Guru Guru – Hinten / Electric Junk – 1971

This is my last week in Germany where in my mind it’s 1971 and Guru Guru have just released their second album, Hinten. Then I realize that time somehow made it to 2017 and some of us are still enthusiastically listening to these mad, brilliant German freak out albums of the early seventies.  Electric Junk […]


13/7/17 – Yes – And You And I – 1972 / Close To The Edge – 1972 / Fragile – 1971 / The Yes Album – 1971

Tomorrow, Olivia and I will head off to the Night Of The Prog festival at Loreley in Germany, a festival that she hosts and will include Prog Rock giants Yes. It took me years to see Yes even though I had their records in the seventies. I eventually saw them at Sydney Entertainment centre sometime […]

wire-silver-lead 1024x1024 2017

1/6/17 – Wire – Silver/Lead – 2017

Forty years of Wire and they stand alone, no-one does Art Punk quite like them, something in the rhythm, something in the melody, something in the lyrics, something in the mood. Experimental, accessible, thoughtful, driving, edgy, soft, scary, catchy, unpredictable, straightforward, beautiful, challenging – they never disappoint. With three original members – Colin Newman on guitar and […]