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Gordon Lightfoot and Bob Dylan 1974

11/10/14 – Gordon Lightfoot – Early Morning Rain – 1964

Often overlooked, possibly because he didn’t die, Gordon Lightfoot has enjoyed commercial success and critical success from his peers, but his status beyond his contemporaries seems less certain. Despite his original and emotional voice, his obvious talent as a songwriter and prolific output he is rarely mentioned amongst the greats. Two other classics that he […]

FKA Twigs EP 2 Artwork 2013

9/10/14 – FKA Twigs – Water Me – EP2 – 2013

Twigs released EP2 in 2013, the EP has four tracks not on LP1 including this one with another wonderfully weird video. The EP opens with How’s That, a dark keyboard, rhythm and sweet melody are suddenly taken over by a crazed percussive attack that comes out of nowhere, like an escaped puppet from a Czech animation ran […]

FKA Twigs Album Cover LP 1

6/10/14 – FKA Twigs – LP1 – 2014

Rural Gloucestershire doesn’t sound like a breeding ground for innovative electronic R&B, although one might have said that about Bristol pre Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead and Moorcheba’s Trip Hop revolution – but at least Bristol is a city. Tahliah Debrett Barnett aka, FKA Twigs (FKA standing for Formerly Known As, after another artist with the […]

Box Tops B:W

10/9/14 – The Box Tops – The Letter – 1967

The blue-eyed soul of 1967 was immortalised in this classic tune featuring future member of unsuccessful seventies cult band Big Star, Alex Chilton as a 16 year old singer with a raspy voice. The band are performing on the American TV show Upbeat out of Cleveland and cannot take it seriously (teenagers having fun). Hailing from […]

petula clark 1967

9/9/14 – Petula Clark – Don’t Sleep In The Subway – 1967

Despite the unfortunate fact that Englebert’s Release Me kept The Beatles’ Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever off the top of the British charts, the more adult orientated acts of the era released some memorable singles. Perhaps Pet Clark walked into a room where a joint was being smoked or maybe Nancy Sinatra had her […]