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Tomorrow's Harvest - Boards Of Canada - 2013

3/12/13 – Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest – 2013

Dense seventies sounding synths, samples, real instruments and moodscapes. The chunkiest sounding electronic record I’ve heard in a while that doesn’t resort to dance beats or novelty. Evocative, three dimensional and made out of warm electronics assembled on a real bench by a professor rather than by a robot pressing buttons in digital hell. […]


1/12/13 – Scott Walker – Sings Jacques Brel – (1967-1969) – 1981

If you wish to investigate this record you may first need to accept some facts that might seem disquieting. First of all the album has been called a covers album, it’s not, it’s stirring interpretations, and this in essence, is the difference between an artist and a copyist. Although it would be impossible to inject […]

Sly And The Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin' On - 1971

25/11/13 – There’s A Riot Goin’ On – Sly And The Family Stone – 1971

Perhaps the most influential Rock/Soul/Funk record of all time, There’s A Riot Goin’ On was actually the beginning of the end for Sly Stone as he descended deeper into drugs, alienation from his band mates, involvement with gangsters and the Black Panthers¬†and a general realisation that the utopian vision of an interracial band with¬†male and […]