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Aldous Harding 2017 B:W

12/2/17 – Aldous Harding – Horizon – 2017 – Tour Dates – February/March/May – 2017

Back from the dead, (that’s me, not Aldous Harding) after a holiday in Brazil and Northern Argentina at the spectacular Iguacu falls, it’s time to spread more music across the land with a short post about a girl from New Zealand. It’s only a matter of time before Aldous Harding penetrates your skin, rattles the […]

Nico - I'm Not Sayin' Single Cover 1965

22/6/15 – Nico – I’m Not Sayin’ – 1965

Nico’s first single, before Chelsea Girl and before The Velvet Underground, but still involved with heavy friends. Brian Jones and Jimmy Page producing and playing guitar, can’t confirm who was doing what as the information contradicts itself, but let’s presume Jimmy was playing the guitar and Brian was producing. The single was released by Stones manager Andrew […]

Johnny Thunder 7 inch single 1969

30/4/15 – Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive – 1969 / Tommy James & The Shondells – I’m Alive – 1969

New York Doll’s Johnny Thunders allegedly took his name from this fine fellow, stole it actually, but hey it’s just a name and the two styles were so different and a decade apart and nobody in either camp noticed. Then of course there’s the DC comics Johnny Thunder where the name was borrowed from in the […]

The Wild Swans Revolutionay Spirit:God Forbid cover art 1982

12/3/15 – The Wild Swans – The Revolutionary Spirit/God Forbid – 1982

One of the great misses of the Liverpool bands was The Revolutionary Spirit/God Forbid 12 inch by The Wild Swans. The band was the brainchild of Ex Teardrop Explodes member, singer, songwriter and lyricst extraordinaire, Paul Simpson with the sparkling jangle of guitarist Jeremy Kelly and Ged Quinn’s rich piano. It was produced and financed […]

Edgar Broughton Band 1969

10/12/14 – Edgar Broughton Band – Evil/Death Of An Electric Citizen – 1969

If you haven’t ever come across Edgar Broughton then prepare yourself for some anarchic shenanigans from these weekend warriors from Warwickshire. Their first single, Evil was also the first record released by Harvest records in 1969. Although it may have been Evil that scared the public half to death, it was the Beefheart/Howlin’ Wolf vocals and […]

David Bowie Sue 10 Inch Cover Art

14/11/14 – David Bowie – 10 Inch EP – Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) / ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore – 2014

David Bowie keeps it arty, makes it busy, jazzy, jaunty, a black and white movie with a hint of theatre like a new musical by Bertolt Brecht’s Grandson starring a Scott Walker that could have been in another reality, one where he isn’t quite so determined to distance himself from his past. Songs scuttle along […]