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Liz Fraser

19/11/13 – Massive Attack (Featuring Elizabeth Fraser) – Teardrop -1998

The Cocteau Twins meet Massive Attack. Liz Fraser’s voice sounds like she is singing from another world and as for the video, well, I’ll let you make your own mind up. (Directed by Walter Stern). The song was on the third Massive Attack album, Mezzanine released in 1998 and sold four million copies.

Le Orme colour

16/11/13 – Le Orme – Contrappunti – 1974

Although this is from Le Orme’s fifth album, I chose this performance as it illustrates how the progressive rocks bands found nothing odd about shifting from complex instrumental virtuoso explosions into soft acoustic guitar and vocal (1.50) and then changing back again. Le Orme were one of the big three along with Banco Del Mutuo […]

Arvo Pärt Pic

14/11/13 – Arvo Pärt -Te Deum

This piece composed by Estonian modern classical composer Arvo Pärt is performed here in 1999 in the Church Of St Nicholas, Tallin, Estonia by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the Tallin Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Tõnju  Kaljuste. The piece composed for choir, strings, prepared piano and wind harp was commissioned in Germany in 1984 and released […]