Through the years the In Deep Music Archive has grown into a huge eclectic music library. Having spent hours and hours in record stores the collection has turned into a fascinating representation of different styles, passions and experiments through the musical eras. There are fantastic songs, there’s amazing cover art, groundbreaking productions, incredible musicians and songwriters gracing the shelves waiting patiently to be played by whomever is in the room.

As far as collecting records, we buy what we can afford and try to encourage record labels to send us promos but we have our own massive list of missing pieces from all genres both rare and recent from Classical and Jazz to Rock, Pop and contemporary sounds. So we encourage everyone to send us CD, vinyl, cassette, 8 track, all formats as well as music books, posters, programmes, concert tickets, memorabilia and anything else that fits. The In Deep Music Archive is a painless option for those that have decided to use digital services to listen to music and store their collections in a moldy cellar, unloved and deteriorating.

We are actively looking for a new premises for the archive as we also desperately need more room as we wish to grow into a treasured and extensive archive for posterity. The collection will have been in Cornwall now for longer than 10 years and we have seen the room where it lives shrink as the collection grows. We have also concluded that this collection may be better served in a city where more people can visit. We would consider moving the archive anywhere that it can work as the coolest museum of music in the world. Should anyone have any ideas about the best location for this project (or if you own a big empty building somewhere in Europe) please feel free to get in touch.

We would like to make the archive more public by having a small venue and a cafe with events, readings, all kinds of music and continuing with the Songwriting & Guitar Guidance we would use the premises to teach in a freelance music school for independent teachers and students.

You can donate to the In Deep Music Archive in different ways. Some people contribute a monthly amount and every now and again we get a larger financial donation, other people send us records they think we should have or that they no longer want. Another way to contribute to the collection is via the Amazon Wishlist:

For financial contributions you can use PayPal (

If you would like to donate music and don’t know how to get it to us, please get in touch with Olivia:

Thank you so much for your interest and contribution to helping the In Deep Music Archive preserve music from across the ages and inspire music lovers now and for generations to come.

Thank you in advance, everything goes back into the archive…even me.


The In Deep Music Archive would like to thank the following for their donations:

Kevin Keller, Michael Hurn, Steven Koontz, Liz Tyrrell, Todd Meehan, Jane Cox, Russel Greig, Jeff Rougvie Ryko USA, Robert Rankin Walker, Kieran Connelly, Ben Shprits, Ricky Maymi, Jim Neil, David Fricke, Vivien Goldman, Dan Charleston, Richard Chamberlain, Trevor Boyd, Raoul Graf, Hugues De Portzamparc, Steve Hammonds, Marc Beard, Rob Corich, Rachel Gutek, Rob Caiger, Michael Piper, Nigel Cornwall, Dare Mason, Olivier Caillart, Carlo Van Putten, Lars Bornemann, Laeticia Rodriguez, Anders Lundquist, Melani and Ed Rogers, Dean Prescott, Julianne Regan, Craig Manchester, Andy Cousin, Mark Price, Sue Campbell, Reid, Des Creagh, Paul Vazquez, Richard Searby-Bates, Ricky Maymi, Dean Brown, John K, Scott Schinder, Glenn Leichardt, Nick Leese, Derek Timbrell, Steve and Sarah Nash, Deanne Marchant, Thor Arne-Brekke, Brian Hutton, Terje Pedersen at Warners Norway, Barbara Mitchell, Vicky Vogiatzoglou, EMI Australia, Kym Louise, Alan Robinson, Anette Collins Vordahl at Cooking Vinyl UK, Stuart Coupe, Glen A. Baker, Geoff Wilson, Grant McClennan, Belen and Miguel, Juan Ferrara, Mike Barone, James Bellesini, Monica McMahon, Warren Costello/Paul Costello/Anita Lascaridis at Liberation Music Australia, Noelia Fernandez, Marc Geiger, Stefan Kery at Subliminal Sounds, Beche at Country and Eastern, Ryan and Ryan, Martin Penzance, Kate and Jamie Penzance, Pepe in Buenos Aires, Lars Tengroth and John Cloud at Playground Music Scandinavia, Göran Petterson at Brus And Knaster, …

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