Video Of The Day

17/12/13 – La Vallée (Obscured By Clouds) – The Film – Pink Floyd – Soundtrack – 1972

Obscured by Clouds 1972 was the second soundtrack that Pink Floyd made for film director Barbet Schroeder. It was the second time they had worked with him, the first was in 1969 on the soundtrack for the film More. These were Schroeder’s first two films. Many Floyd fans know and love this album, the last […]

voynich-manuscript astrological

The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is one of the most fascinating literary stories – or is it? It is called The Voynich Manuscript because it was owned by Polish revolutionary and antiquarian Wilfrid Voynich from 1912 till his death in 1930. It has an illustrious record of ownership going back to the 17th century but the author […]

Peter OToole-Lawrence-62-2-getty

Life & Death

Peter O’Toole – 2nd August 1932 – 14th December 2013

One Of my favourite actors has died. I first saw him in Goodbye Mr Chips, a musical from 1969 with Pet Clark –  I loved it. Of course before that was the landmark performance as T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence Of Arabia 1962. Sadly missed. Links here to both The Guardian and The Independent obituaries. […]


Video Of The Day

16/12/13 – I See The Rain – Marmalade – 1967

Classic 1967 single by Scottish band Marmalade from a Dutch TV show. A Number 1 in Holland, but failed to chart at all in England. Allegedly Jimi Hendrix’s favourite track of 1967. (Ignore the clothes if you can). Recorded by Susannah Hoffs and Matthew Sweet on their Under The Covers Vol. 1 album. […]

Fine Cuts- The Best Of Marmalade

Album Of The Day

16/12/13 – Marmalade – Fine Cuts -1965 -1972 (2011 CD)

As CD’s die we must remember that after the initial releases with cheap artwork, dodgy mastering and brittle sound, that record companies finally realised that treating the public with some respect would pay off. And so lots of well put together compilations arrived with great sleeve notes and track listings. This is my attempt to […]

Alice Cooper Love It To Death 1971

Album Of The Day

15/12/13 – Alice Cooper – Love It To Death – 1971

Arguably Alice Cooper were ( yes it’s were) a kind of early New York Dolls with bigger dreams. Glamorous trash rock with aspirations. Rock Stars before they even hit their first chord. Outrageous clothes, crazy hair, drinkers rather than junkies (maybe that’s why they could get out of the house), like The Dolls and along […]