Kevin Ayers: Mike Oldfield - Hyde park

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3/1/14 – Kevin Ayers (with Mike Oldfield) – May I? – The Old Grey Whistle Test -1972

The picture is of Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield about to go on stage in Hyde Park. Kevin Ayers And the Whole World: In this incarnation, Lol Coxhill, David Bedford, Mick Fincher and Mike Oldfield. Sadly Ayers, Coxhill and Bedford have passed away. Little is known about the whereabouts of Mick Fincher. Mike Oldfield lives […]

Kate Bush 50 Words For Snow press pic

Video Of The Day

1/1/14 – Kate Bush – Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe – 2011

This animation is an excerpt from the song Lake Tahoe and runs approximately half the length of the original track from the 2011 album, 50 Words For Snow. The animation has a longer title – Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe.   ¬†