1 Hour Skype Songwriting & Guitar Guidance

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60 minutes of Songwriting & Guitar Guidance with Marty Willson-Piper using Skype. After paying for the lesson Marty will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable time for the Skype session, and discuss more about what you would like to get out of this. As this is a longer session, songwriting, lyrical and anything else connected with the guitar or the archive can be discussed.


6 reviews for 1 Hour Skype Songwriting & Guitar Guidance

  1. swgehring (verified owner)

    These are awesome sessions that I highly recommend for guitar players of all levels. Very informative, frank discussions on everything related to guitar and music in general. Definitely a must for anyone pursuing songwriting.

  2. jedmatthew (verified owner)

    Marty knows how to bypass scales and get to the heart of feel and timing. His musical knowledge spans multiple cultures and genres. Perhaps most importantly, Marty is a cool dude. I highly recommend his guitar guidance.

  3. Ann (verified owner)

    Ok, so you’re sitting in your home and Marty is across the world but is actually right here teaching you how to play guitar and write songs. He is a delight to talk to and he is your teacher, meaning he wants to see you get something out of his lessons. You know he’s paying attention and wants to steer you in the right direction. I am so grateful and humbled that he offers his time in this manner. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who admires anything from his enormous body of work. How often do you get to learn from somebody that inspired you in the first place? Amazing.

  4. bigmitch (verified owner)

    My son has received several hours of guidance with Marty and it has helped him immensely!, It has been great experience for him (and me whilst lurking in the background!) to learn from a true master, who is so well versed in music history as well! Anyone of any ability would benefit by doing this! I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity!

  5. sys700

    I look forward to my weekly Skype sessions from Marty. In just 3 weeks I’ve learned chords I never knew existed, and Marty’s focus on timing and feeling has helped me immensely. As a former member of the Church, Marty has the patience of a Saint. He understands where you are musically, and works within that framework to help you grow as a guitarist. He’s also very generous with his time and talents and doesn’t balk at going over a bit on time. What fan of his work and musicianship wouldn’t want to take advantage of such an opportunity? I’m already looking forward to my next lesson!!!

  6. Bruce

    This is an excellent deal. In most traditional teaching environments, you simply have to trust that the instructor is coming from an informed background. In Marty’s case, his résumé consists of his body of work; both in performing AND in understanding and articulating “what makes good music”.

    In my experience, just SOME of the ways I valued our interactions include:
    – exposure to music I’d never heard of
    – stories of the real experiences of a world-class musician and writer (I value these both as a student and a fan)
    – a sounding board – Marty helps me articulate and refine what I want out of my musical journey
    – feedback: how did that work? What do I need to do to improve it? For me, this was huge…
    – encouragement – Marty seems to help me have the attitude that we can do this… we just need to figure it out

    With all this (and more) on offer, the puzzling thing to me is how he still has slots open in his schedule.

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