Marty Willson-Piper “Art Attack”

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Art Attack was released in 1987 0n Ryko Disc in the USA in a gatefold sleeve and on clear vinyl. It includes the cascading 12 string acoustic arpeggios of You Whisper and Water and the single She’s King featuring Barton Price on drums.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my personal favorite MWP record. Fearlessly all over the map. Pure pop to spoken word experimentation, And EVERYTHING in between. Most likely primitively recorded, it also boasts a warm production that is difficult to find on a record released in 1988. Drum machine sound actually leads to the charm of “She’s King”. “Listen/Space” somehow straddles the line between ballad and slow build prog rock. And it WORKS. The album proper opens and closes with the sparkling “Oh/Ah Stockholm” in a grandiose manner. The centerpiece is the sublime “You Whisper”, which boasts the best poetic lyrical imagery and the world’s greatest twelve-string chord progression. The vocals are occasionally slightly overwrought, but it’s MWP at his bushy tailed best.

    Man, I thought being a “music critic” and writing a record review would be really fun…

    Just listen to the record. Art Attack is easily twice as good as the follow-up “Rhyme”.

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