Noctorum “Offer The Light”



By 2005, Marty’s trips to Cornwall were extended as he had decided to set up the In Deep Music Archive in the recently vacated room next to Dare’s VIP Lounge studio. This meant we had more time to work on the project and so we took it. We continued the eclectic theme, purposely writing songs that were different to each other and this explains tracks such as Lover’s Head with its dance beat and unnerving lyric in contrast to poignancy of the homage to the bygone years of old fashioned football players in The Striker. The lyrical themes are strong on this album with one of the most appreciated songs being the closing track Hopes And Fears with its romantic portrayal of love in war time amongst the factories of Northern England. An album that enquires into history, Alain Delon is a nostalgic paean to the French film industry of the 60s while Already Dead brutally wrenches the listener into Death Row to witness a murderer’s last hours. It includes another pop gem in Stop Crying Your Eyes Out and a powerful political rock song in Let Me Tell You A Secret. The delicate The Muse addresses creativity. The album cover is a picture taken by Dare at the Tate Gallery in the turbine hall during his visit to the Olafur Eliasson sun installation in 2004. If you look closely you may recognise him. The title, well – Cricket, of course!


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