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CD Mountain

9/8/17 – The Indestructible CD – 1981 / David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World – Saturday Night Live – 1979 / Lulu – The Man Who Sold The World – 1974 / Abba Interview On The Visitors – 1982

Somehow lost in the 1500 word epic Frankfurt trip post, floundering at the bottom of the page, stuck in the honey, drowned in the coffee, scratched by the stone, the alien metallic disc, indestructible, stretches out beyond immortality, surviving the human race, rising from the ashes long, long, long after you are gone. If you […]


29/11/15 – Frida – Liv På Mars -1975 /Frida – Ensam – 1975

Abba’s Frida recorded a Swedish language version of David Bowie’s Life On Mars on her second solo album Ensam (Alone) released in 1975. The album was recorded whilst a member of Abba between Waterloo (1974) and Abba (1975) and also includes a Swedish language version of Fernando that stayed at No.1 on the Swedish charts for […]