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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye - Cover Art - 2017

7/6/17 – Aimee Mann – Goose Snow Cone – 2017 / Goldfrapp – Systemagic – 2017

The last two days I’ve been wanting to post two latest releases from two artists that I like, Alison Goldfrapp and Aimee Mann but I simply can’t stand the videos. I can’t bring myself to do it. With Alison it’s the dancers and with Aimee it’s the actors. Oh the glorious days when there was […]

Jon Brion

7/4/15 – Jon Brion – You Can Still Ruin My Day – 2001

You Can Still Ruin My Day from Jon Brion’s hard to find solo album, Meaningless released independently in 2001. After The Grays, he was signed in 1997 to Lava records but was released from his contract on delivery of the record. Brion has successfully produced or written for or has been a session player on […]

Aimee Mann

6/4/15 – Aimee Mann – I Should’ve Known – 1993

I Should’ve Known was the first single from Aimee Mann’s first solo record since the demise of her previous band ‘Til Tuesday. The album, Whatever was released in 1993 and produced by Jon Brion, later of The Grays. It was full of catchy hooks, rich¬†melodies and¬†sharp lyrics all delivered with Mann’s unique vocal style. (Plus […]