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Dick Wagner Seventies Pic

4/8/14 – Dick Wagner – 14th December 1942 – 30th July – 2014

Dick Wagner was what you might call a ‘proper’ lead guitarist – flashy, technical, articulate but also melodic with a rich tone. The first time I noticed him was when he duelled with Steve Hunter (another guitarist in the same vein) on Lou Reed’s landmark live album Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal 1974. Harmony licks into […]

Alice Cooper Love It To Death 1971

15/12/13 – Alice Cooper – Love It To Death – 1971

Arguably Alice Cooper were ( yes it’s were) a kind of early New York Dolls with bigger dreams. Glamorous trash rock with aspirations. Rock Stars before they even hit their first chord. Outrageous clothes, crazy hair, drinkers rather than junkies (maybe that’s why they could get out of the house), like The Dolls and along […]