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Storm Corrosion Drag Ropes Still 2012

16/11/14 – Storm Corrosion – Drag Ropes – 2012

Storm Corrosion was/is a collaboration between Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt. Wilson had collaborated with Opeth previously, producing and playing on their albums, Blackwater Park, Deliverance and Damnation. This creepy animation is ‘executed’ in the style of  Steven Wilson video’s from his last solo album The Raven That Refused To Sing – the animator is […]


21/4/14 – Lanterns On The Lake – Until The Colours Run – 2014

This is the second single and title track from the latest album by Newcastle’s Lanterns On The Lake, dreaming of better times with an excellent fantasy video in contrast to the grim reality of their lot expressed in Hazel Wilde’s lyrics. The great crime of our times Could be silence or closing eyes This could […]

Steven Wilson Pic

9/4/14 – Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing – 2013

  A rather melancholic animated video for the title track from Steven Wilson’s compelling third solo album.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Wilson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Wilson_discography https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porcupine_Tree_discography   Directed by Jess Cope and Simon Cartwright Produced by John Cope & Tom Kaye Animated by Jessica Cope Editing and special effects – Topher Holland Additional animation – Simon Cartwright & William Powell […]

Snowbird Stephanie Dosen

3/2/14 – Snowbird – Porcelain – 2014 – Amelia – Live At Union Chapel – 2014

A beautiful song from Stephanie Dosen and Simon Raymonde’s Snowbird project from the album Moon. A seductive and ethereal dreamscape that will take you away with its otherworldly vocals and comforting fairytales. The video was created by Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters and if you like this kind of animation go here and try this: […]

Kate Bush 50 Words For Snow press pic

1/1/14 – Kate Bush – Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe – 2011

This animation is an excerpt from the song Lake Tahoe and runs approximately half the length of the original track from the 2011 album, 50 Words For Snow. The animation has a longer title – Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe.    http://www.katebush.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kate_Bush http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_Words_for_Snow