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Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean Cover Art - 2014

1/12/14 – Frazey Ford – Indian Ocean – 2014

 It comes as no surprise that Frazey Ford would enlist Al Green’s collaborators, Hi Rhythm Section, as her band to record Indian Ocean – her biggest influences being Ann Peebles, Roberta Flack and Donny Hatahaway. It must have broken her heart when guitarist Teenie Hodges died during the album’s recording session as this was surely the pinnacle of her […]

Frazey Ford 2014

30/11/14 – Frazey Ford – September Fields – 2014

Frazey Ford with a moving video tribute to the great Teenie Hodges, Al Green guitarist and collaborator, co-writer of Take Me To The River. The video was shot by Robert Gordon at Royal Studios in Memphis and includes footage with Hodges’ band Hi Rhythm Section. Hodges passed away in June this year. Frazey Ford is a member of […]