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Sumie Album Cover 2013

28/2/14 – Sumie – 2013

Sumie appears out of a soft mist, attracting your attention by quietly making herself invisible until you notice she is there at your side with her silence. This, her debut album is truly lovely reminding me of German folk singer Sibylle Baier and strangely following a similar pattern in releasing her record after her children were […]

I Break Horses pic

5/2/14 – I Break Horses – You Burn – 2014

Maria Lindén’s, I Break Horses are back with a new album and a change in direction, leaving behind their dense electronic Shoegaze and giving their music a sprinkling of Synth Pop. Another interesting electronic band to come out of Sweden, the band will tour the US in April and May 2014. http://www.ibreakhorses.se http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Break_Horses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiaroscuro_(I_Break_Horses_album) a […]

I Break Horses Chiaroscuro 2014 Cover Art

5/2/14 – I Break Horses – Chiaroscuro – 2014

I Break Horses make contemporary electronic music for the discerning under 25’s  but you wonder how they manage to sound so influenced, not just by the past but by their contemporaries and in being so they seem to have mislaid what made their Electronic Shoegaze debut so impressive. Whereas Fever Ray’s unnerving Electronica has you […]

Snowbird Band Cover Art 2014

3/2/14 – Snowbird – Moon – 2014

Stephanie Dosen: American singer songwriter, member of groundbreaking Christian Trance group Virus, knitwear designer, singer with Massive Attack and the Chemical Brothers, collaborator with Cocteau Twins and Bella Union’s Simon Raymonde on her second solo album, A Lily For The Spectre 2007. It’s an impressive résumé and she continues to have an impact with this […]

Snowbird Stephanie Dosen

3/2/14 – Snowbird – Porcelain – 2014 – Amelia – Live At Union Chapel – 2014

A beautiful song from Stephanie Dosen and Simon Raymonde’s Snowbird project from the album Moon. A seductive and ethereal dreamscape that will take you away with its otherworldly vocals and comforting fairytales. The video was created by Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters and if you like this kind of animation go here and try this: […]