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Beth Orton Kidsticks 2016 Cover Art

6/6/16 – Beth Orton – Kidsticks – 2016 / Petals – 2016

When Beth Orton arrived as a hybrid, critics hailed her work because originality in this age is unusual. Still the Blues throws up interesting new artists despite their traditional leanings, Gary Clark Jr for example. And so I hear that Beth Orton has returned with the Folktronica album that everyone¬†wants – I just want her […]

Beth Orton 2002

19/8/14 – Beth Orton – Paris Train Live – 2002

As Beth Orton drifted more into a Pop Folk direction with her fourth album Daybreaker, she brought with her more beauty than had been evident on her early Folktronica albums. Daybreaker released in 2002 had a smoother production and her softer sound complimented her melodic songs and showcased her expressive voice. Here she is performing […]