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3/5/17 – The Sugarcubes – Birthday – 1987

Continuing the birthday theme, The Sugarcubes released the English language version of Birthday in August 1987 generating so much interest in the UK that they found themselves shot to Indie stardom, New Musical Express naming Birthday as single of the week. Lead singer Björk was a sensation with unique vocals, looks and demeanour, it was […]


14/7/16 – Björk – Debut – 1993/ Human Behaviour/ Venus As A Boy – Videos – 1993

One might claim that the reason why we know about the music of Iceland is because of Björk via the Sugarcubes. When we heard Birthday (1987) from their Life’s Too Good album released in 1988 we fell in love with her voice and her persona and waited for the inevitable – The Sugarcubes’ split in 1992. […]

Bjork Gling Glo Cover Art 1990

4/12/15 – Björk Guðmundsdóttir & tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar – Gling Glo – 1990

This album is an oddity, Björk singing jazzy standards in icelandic, I just wonder why she only ever made one album in this style because in my humble opinion it’s a big success. As a singer, Björk is unique but in the context of Jazz she sounds like an alien on the bus. Her petulant girl vocal delivery, […]

The Haxan Cloak pic

23/3/15 – The Haxan Cloak – Excavation – 2013

The producer credit on Björk’s latest album, Vulnicura is mainly attributed to Björk and Venezuelan visionary, Arca. But on the song Family, there’s a collaboration with The Haxan Cloak – and one wonders who The Haxan Cloak actually is? What we do know is that his real name is Bobby Krlic and he comes from Wakefield in Yorkshire, who […]

Bjork MOMA 2015

21/3/15 – Björk – Family – 2015 / Björk At MOMA NYC – March 8th – June 7th – 2015

One of the tracks on Björk’s new album, Vulnicura is co-produced with Björk and Arca by the mysteriously named, The Haxan Cloak – it is eight minutes and two seconds long. This clip is an advertisment for the record – arty, experimental and using imagery and film techniques that do more than merely turn water into wine. […]

BJORK 2015 photo

19/3/15 – Björk – Lionsong – 2015

Björk has officially released the physical version of her new album Vulnicura after a leak forced her to make the record available digitally weeks before the intended release date. This is the first official video from the album. A collaboration mainly with Venezuelan producer/songwriter Arca (his recent collaboration with FKA Twigs has won him wide acclaim) […]