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Chris Bell I Am The Cosmos:You And Your Sister - Single Sleeve 1978

15/10/14 – Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos/You And Your Sister – 1978

Although Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever might be considered one of the best 7 inch double A or A and B side releases ever, there’s other contenders and here’s one of them. Chris Bell was originally a member of Memphis cult heroes Big Star releasing #1 Record in 1972. It was an album packed full of […]

Big Star Pic

23/7/14 – Nothing Can Hurt Me – Documentary Trailer – Big Star – 2014

If you don’t know their records you won’t be able to comprehend their lack of success, if you do know their records you’ve been over it a thousand times. Some of the most perfect, beautiful pop music ever made, it kills me every time I hear it. To quote directly from the movie release web […]