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Krautrock LP Cover

21/1/19 – Krautrock: The Rebirth Of Germany – BBC 4 Documentary – 2009

The journey last week to find the graves of Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay and his wife U-She might have piqued your interest in the German post-war experimental music scene of the seventies. By watching this very well put together documentary first aired on BBC 4 in 2009 you will have a much better understanding of […]

Cluster 2

25/7/15 – Dieter Moebius – 16th January 1944 – 20th July 2015 / Cluster ll – 1972

Drummer, manipulator of the synthesizer, manipulator of the guitar, graphic artist and groundbreaking experimental Ambient, Industrial, Electronic, Techno and Krautrock innovator, Dieter Moebius will be remembered as one of the most important contributors to music so influential that it has penetrated deep into 21st century culture. It’s hard not to hear his and his collaborators and […]

Harmonia Seventies B:w pic

28/10/14 – Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Durch Die Wüste – 1978

Kraut Rock Legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius celebrated his 80th birthday this weekend (October 26th). Roedelius is an electronic music innovator and original member of both Kluster (with a K) including Dieter Moebius and ex Tangerine Dream Member Conrad Schnitzler and Cluster (with a C) a duo without Schnitzler but including legendary CAN collborator and famed German producer/engineer Conny […]