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Cream Denmark 1968

10/4/17 – Cream – World Of Pain / We’re Going Wrong – Copenhagen – 1968

Staying at Anekdoten singer and guitarist, Nicklas Barker’s flat in Stockholm comes with a list of privileges for which we are truly grateful. It’s a lovely place in a great location and apart from harbouring a real mellotron it also is home to a wonderful record collection. Over the next two weeks I will be […]


15/10/16 – Cream – Politician/ Wheels Of Fire – 1968

Continuing this month’s theme – Politician appeared on Cream’s third album, Wheels Of Fire, released in 1968 – the world’s first Platinum selling double album. Produced by future Mountain bassist Felix Pappalardi who also played organ, viola and trumpet, the album consisted of one disc of studio recordings and one disc of live recordings from New York’s Fillmore […]

Cream 1967 Colour Pic 3 (The Fool Clothing)

1/9/14 – Cream – Strange Brew – 1967

The transition from Blues, Beat or any form of Pop proved difficult for some of the more succesful bands of the early sixties. The Hollies and The Stones cautiously tinkered with psychedelia with mixed results, but the one of the most unlikely and successful transitions was Cream with their album Disraeli Gears. Sgt. Pepper’s June […]