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Sandy Denny Pic Keith Morris Colour

10/3/16 – Fotheringay – The Sea – 1970

I am unable to write about Fotheringay without featuring one of Sandy Denny’s beautiful songs, her exquisite voice, timeless lyrics and easy stroll through a tune. The Sea is the second track on Fotheringay’s debut album released in 1970. It’s a floating Folk Rock masterpiece of mood, calm and impending danger. Unforgettable, poignant, mesmerising, Denny suffered […]

Fotheringay B:W Pic

9/3/16 – Fotheringay – Too Much Of Nothing – Live in Bremen, German TV – 1970

When Spooky Tooth recorded Too Much of Nothing on their debut album in 1968, it was an unreleased Bob Dylan song and one wonders where they heard it, how they got access to such an exclusive gem and how they got permission to record it? Sandy Denny’s Fotheringay recorded the song on their own debut album in 1970. […]

Fairport Convention 1968 B:W Pic

25/10/14 – Fairport Convention – Time Will Show The Wiser – 1968

An excitable Fairport Convention from 1968 with a slightly quicker version of the first song from their debut album. The song was written by American singer/songwriter Emitt Rhodes. At this point they were looking towards American folk and mainly American/Canadian singer/songwriters for inspiration. This was to change in the coming years as they concentrated on […]

Fotheringay 1970 cover art

11/12/13 – Fotheringay – 1970

Sandy Denny formed Fotheringay after leaving Fairport Convention in 1969. She had been on three of their four albums (Judy Dyble sang on their debut), and in her time with the band, the musical direction had shifted from interpretations of American artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to a more British influenced sound. Before Fairport Convention […]