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Fleetwood Mac -The Green Manalishi Cover Art 1970

10/9/15 – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) – 1970 / World In Harmony -1970

Released as a single after Oh Well, The Green Manalishi reached No.10 in the Uk charts in 1970. The title has perplexed and intrigued listeners since the song’s release and interpretations and explanations have described it as a reference to money, a type of LSD and a Japanese demon mask. This link seems to have […]

Fleetwood Mac Albatross cover Art

9/9/15 – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Albatross – 1970/ Santo And Johnny – Sleep Walk – 1959 / Jeff Beck – Sleep Walk – 2010 / Miles Davis Quintet – Softly As The Morning Sunrise – 1961 / The Beatles -Sun King – 1969

One of the true timeless classics from the R’n’R era, Albatross reached No.1 in the British singles charts in 1968 but its inspiration came from another No.1 single, Santo and Jonny’s 1959 hit Sleep Walk. In turn Sleep Walk was inspired by Sigmund Romberg’s 1927 tune, Softly As The Morning Sunrise written for the operetta […]

Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well Parts 1 & 2 Covert Art

8/9/15 – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well Parts I & 2 – 1969

A particularly adventurous piece of music for any band but even more so for an alleged Blues band. Peter Green was the singer, the writer and the leading musical light in this band that included three guitarists – Green, Jeremy Spencer and Danny Kirwan alongside the rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. Although […]

Fleetwood Mac 1969

4/11/14 – Danny Kirwan – Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well (Part 1) – 1969

Although Peter Green was indeed a wonderful guitarist with a great tone, super songs and an appealing voice he wasn’t the only guitarist in Fleetwood Mac. Take a look at this clip (edited) and listen to┬áDanny Kirwan 0ne of three guitarists in the band at the time that also included Jeremy Spencer until Bob Welch […]