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Tommy Quickly

18/7/15 – Tommy Quickly – Tip Of My Tongue – 1963 / Tommy Quickly And The Remo Four – The Wild Side Of Life – 1964 / Hank Thompson – The Wild Side Of Life – 1952 / Kitty Wells – It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels – 1952 / The Remo Four – Peter Gunn Theme – 1965

It’s fascinating to hear these early Lennon And McCartney compositions, whether Lennon or McCartney wrote it or whether they wrote it together, you can hear them in the other artists interpretations. Unfortunately Liverpool born Tommy Quickly didn’t benefit from having them write his first single or from having Brian Epstein as his manager. This and […]

Spirit 1968

5/6/15 – Spirit – Taurus – 1968

Taurus was an instrumental song recorded by sixties, Psychedelic, Pop/Rock band, Spirit in 1967. It’s also the source from which Jimmy Page allegedly ‘appropriated ‘ the idea for Stairway To Heaven. Before I go any further with this, I have a theory: Page didn’t feel he had to credit downward progressions or Blues patterns – it’s as if  he […]

The Chiffons 1965

14/1/15 – The Chiffons – Nobody Knows What’s Going On In My Mind But Me – 1965

The Chiffons formed in The Bronx, New York in 1960 with school friends Judy Craig, Patricia Bennett and Barbara Lee – Sylvia Petersen (lead singer on Nobody Knows What’s Going On In My Mind But Me) joined two years later. You can hear in this song that they were some of the strongest harmony singers of all the Girl […]

The Beatles - 1967

7/9/14 – Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields – 1967

Recorded around the same time as Sgt. Pepper’s but not included on the album, this double A-side is arguably one of the greatest singles ever made. But somehow the groundbreaking Psychedelic Strawberry Fields and the perfect musical and lyrical Pop that was Penny Lane missed out on the No.1 spot in the UK due to […]

Leon Russell

15/5/14 – Leon Russell – Delta Lady Live – 1970 – Beware Of Darkness with George Harrison – Concert for Bangladesh – 1971 – A Song For You – Live With Willie Nelson & Ray Charles – 2003 – Big Lips – 2014 – A Song For You – The Carpenters – 1971

  Here’s some Leon Russell videos from his extensive career. Starting with a fantastic version of Delta Lady in the studio from 1970 complete with two false starts. His voice rips, the songs rocks. Celebratory soulful R’n’R at it’s very best. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_russell         Beware Of Darkness – Concert for Bangladesh with George Harrison […]