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Nico - I'm Not Sayin' Single Cover 1965

22/6/15 – Nico – I’m Not Sayin’ – 1965

Nico’s first single, before Chelsea Girl and before The Velvet Underground, but still involved with heavy friends. Brian Jones and Jimmy Page producing and playing guitar, can’t confirm who was doing what as the information contradicts itself, but let’s presume Jimmy was playing the guitar and Brian was producing. The single was released by Stones manager Andrew […]

Gordon Lightfoot and Bob Dylan 1974

11/10/14 – Gordon Lightfoot – Early Morning Rain – 1964

Often overlooked, possibly because he didn’t die, Gordon Lightfoot has enjoyed commercial success and critical success from his peers, but his status beyond his contemporaries seems less certain. Despite his original and emotional voice, his obvious talent as a songwriter and prolific output he is rarely mentioned amongst the greats. Two other classics that he […]

Fotheringay 1970 cover art

11/12/13 – Fotheringay – 1970

Sandy Denny formed Fotheringay after leaving Fairport Convention in 1969. She had been on three of their four albums (Judy Dyble sang on their debut), and in her time with the band, the musical direction had shifted from interpretations of American artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to a more British influenced sound. Before Fairport Convention […]