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25/11/18 – Exit North – Spider – 2018 / Steve Jansen Interview – 2018

As an addendum to and drawing your attention to Exit North and their arctic soundscape, it seems that they have just released a video for the song Spider from their wonderful new album Book Of Romance And Dust. Or have they? Although this video might seem in keeping with the band’s aesthetic, on the credits […]

Japan band 1978

10/4/15 – Japan – Communist China – 1978

The glam Japan, and although singer David Sylvian (real name David Batt) carefully moulded his image and his voice to suits his aspirations, the Rock And Roll extravaganza he created with his Catford school friends had New York Dolls, Roxy Music and Bowie fans digging in their closets again for their Mum’s discarded old blouses and […]

David Sylvian Alchemy An Index Of Possibilities 1985 Art Cover

6/2/14 – David Sylvian – Alchemy: An Index Of Possibilities – 1985

This release isn’t generally considered to be a David Sylvian album in the purest sense (he doesn’t sing) – the confusion is actually three fold; firstly, when it was released in 1985 it was cassette only, secondly it has been re released with tracks added and tracks removed and last but not least – it […]