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The Association - Birthday - album cover art - 1968

5/5/17 – The Association – Birthday Morning – 1968

The Association were that strange and wonderful beast – Middle Of The Road Psychedelic Easy Listening Pop Folk. A splinter group that began as a loose collective called The Inner Tubes before becoming house band at sixties LA Folk hot spot The Troubadour with a floating line up of around thirteen, called The Men. The Association were […]


28/11/15 – Carol Ann Cisneros – Malagueña Salerosa – Big Sur Folk Festival – 1969 / Celebration At Big Sur – 1971

In this video the audience claps at the beauty of Cisneros voice,  the mesmerizing warble of her vibrato and the length of time she holds a note. Cisneros hails from Texas and that’s about all I know. She is completely forgotten, has no profile on the internet and it seems that she hasn’t even released any records. […]