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Bridget St. John 1969

4/6/16 – Bridget St. John – Ask Me No Questions – 1969

Bridget St. John released her debut album in 1969 on John Peel’s Dandelion records. It was produced by Peel and recorded in two five hour sessions. John Martyn played on two songs including singing and playing on the title track. It was Peel’s “brainstorm” to put birds and church bells in the middle of this […]

Bridget St John 1970

25/2/15 – Bridget St. John – Dandelion Albums and BBC Collection – 2015/ Live On French TV 1 – 1970

I am never too far away from a Bridget St. John album so I am happy to report that Cherry Red records have just released a box set of her first three albums together with BBC Sessions from between 1968-1972 giving everyone the opportunity to be near her. Without explanation, after making her first three […]

Pink Floyd Colour Pic 1971

3/12/14 – Pink Floyd Meddle Tour – In Concert – BBC Live Radio Broadcast From The Paris Theatre – Presented By John Peel – September 30th,1971

Pink Floyd live in 1971 prior to the release of their forthcoming album Meddle with tracks presented (in his inimitable way) by John Peel. This was The Pink Floyd we loved, investigating sounds, jamming, mixing songs with extended instrumental pieces, creating atmospheres and in this set playing a song that didn’t appear on any of their studio albums, Embryo. […]