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The Smiths - Death Of A Disco Dancer - 1987

14/10/17 – The Smiths – Death Of A Disco Dancer – 1987

Although it would be their last, Strangeways, Here We Come might just have been The Smiths’ best album and although it follows the formula of Morrissey’s words and melodies over Marr’s concise jangle, there’s something different about it sonically – a maturity. A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours opens the album […]

Johnny Marr: 'We invented indie as we still know it.'

27/10/14 – Johnny Marr – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – Live At KCRW – 2013

Although the title might have been more appropriate¬†before Christmas, the song lives on through the years. Johhny Marr singing it, who knew? This is from a ¬†KCRW session in 2013. The song was originally the B-side of William It Was Really Nothing released in 1984 and appeared later on the Hatful Of Hollow and Louder […]