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Teardrop Explodes 1981

3/2/15 – The Teardrop Explodes – Reward – 1981

In┬áthe tense up and down world of The Teardrop Explodes, between line-up changes, direction arguments, drugs and bouts of ego mania, the band made two worthy albums, Kilimanjaro (1980) and Wilder (1981). Credited with re-invigorating Psychedelia in the early eighties they always sounded more Beat group to me than as Psychedelic as people say. The […]

Julian Cope Neu T shirt

23/11/14 – Julian Cope – The Great Dominions – Live At Primavera Festival, Spain – 2014

The soft and sensitive Julian Cope dressed up as a scary uncle in well worn Neu T -shirt, playing The Great Dominions from the ace Teardrop Explodes album, Wilder released in 1981. Armed here only with an ornate 12 string acoustic and that unique something in his voice that makes him special. Don’t make me […]